Advocacy and accountability

An advocacy campaign is a set of actions targeted to create support for a policy or proposal.

XXXZAccountability is a desired trait for any organization.  If you’re running a business or any organization, expect your members, employees, stakeholders, and shareholders to desire it.  Why is accountability such an important leadership principle? Here are four very important reasons.

In a democracy, the principle of accountability holds that government officials — whether elected or appointed by those who have been elected — are responsible to the citizenry for their decisions and actions.

Know the Constitution. How can we hold our elected officials accountable, if we don’t even know the rules to begin with? Knowing the scope of these rights is crucial. Then, share it with others. . 


2. Know how to contact your legislators. Creating a relationship with your state and federal representatives is critical in influencing what they do, but a strong relationship isn’t made overnight. Getting involved in community events that they attend and setting up visits and phone calls are great ways to start a relationship initially.

1. Follow your representative’s voting patterns. When it comes time for reelection, it’s important to know just how well your representative kept his or her original promises. Follow your representative’s voting patterns throughout the year to stay up-to-date. Check sites like, which evaluates just how true statements by members of Congress, the White House, lobbyists, and interest groups are. Or try, which allows you to see each bill and how your representative voted. Be sure to sign up for your legislators’ email alerts and follow them on social media to keep tabs on their votes, too.